The fam


Oliver - Pop

as An avid bow tie wearer, oliver wanted to fuse his passion for bows, with his son's passion for legos! inspired by many lego lovers around the world, son and pop bow tie shop was born. with a goal to change how we look at sustainable fashion, he utilizes his love for the environment to ensure they create the best products possible without harming the earth in the process. @sonandpopbowtieshop


Saqouy - Son

Saqouy is the co-creator and visionary behind all things bows. he loves gaming, music, martial arts, comics, and much more. he uses those passions to fuel his imagination for unique styles and locating rare and popular character designs. though he prefers to leave the bow tie wearing to his dad, there are times the og master builder can be spotted and photographed rockin' one of his own creations! #coolguyk1



Wil comes to Son and Pop by way of pure awesomeness! After meeting Oliver unexpectedly, he was immediately taken by the bow tie idea and wanted to be a part of the team any way possible. In 2016, he linked up to join Son and Pop in operations and made his mark by creating the bolo tie concept with Saqouy at 'art in the park' in loveland! he is the go-to person when it comes to sportin' the bows and stealin' the shows, Thanks to his energetic personality and contributions, son and pop bow tie shop continues to grow and reach new people, cities and states! @therealbowtiewil