Frequently Asked Questions

How many different colors do the wings come in?

Red, blue, black and white are most commonly available. Light grey, dark grey, tan and teal are occasionally available and harder to obtain. There are at least 4 other colors that have been made but we have yet to see them available, but we are constantly searching. 

Do you take custom orders?

Since we are a family run business, we aren't equipped to take on custom orders quite yet, but it is something we are definitely looking to add to increase the overall customer experience.

Is the neck strap one size fit all?

The neck strap comes in 2 adjustable size ranges: small to medium and medium to large. If a custom size is needed please contact us and we will respond ASAP!

Why can't I find contact information on your business cards?

Sustainable initiatives are an integral part of our operations and we are continuously looking for ways to increase our environmental awareness. With our business cards, the goal was to focus on the simplistic aspect of our company name and logo. All the other information can be found on our website or googling the company name. It was imperative to create a design that minimized ink usage and card space.

Am I able to find your bow ties locally, in my city/state?

We are currently starting to research novelty stores across the US to carry our bow ties! If you have a store in mind, please take our card into them! The best way to get us in your town, is find a local store and request for us to be there!!

What is the price range of the bow ties?

We have a bow tie for everyone and the price will depend on what style you are looking to wear! 'The Pointdexter' is $18, while 'The Dork' can range $40 - $50 (depending on the special edition). 

If my neck strap is damaged, can I purchase a new one?

Of course!! All bow tie orders will come with a neck strap. If you damage or misplace yours, pick up another for $1.50. We will be moving towards a more sustainable option for the neck straps in the near future!